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Red Bull heir enjoys jet-set life 4 years after hit-and-runBANGKOK (AP) — The Ferrari driver who allegedly slammed into a motorcycle cop, dragged him along the road and then sped away from the mangled body took just hours to find, as investigators followed a trail of brake fluid into the gated estate of one of Thailand's richest families.

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NASA just captured a photo of Jupiter that you won’t believe is real

NASA has managed to capture some pretty stunning photos of all the cool stuff they've spotted over the years, and rarely does it fail to amaze. There's images of planet surfaces, the rings of Saturn, and even black holes flying through space totally unchecked. Rarely, however, does a photo look so unreal that at first glance you'd be likely to mistake it for a work of Earthling art. A new photo captured by NASA's Juno spacecraft falls into that category, and oh what a sight it is.

The image, originally taken by Juno's "JunoCam" camera, was taken in early February and shows Jupiter's ever-swirling mass of storm clouds from an altitude of roughly 9,000 miles. The storms which continually rock the planet take on a milky appearance when captured up close, and a citizen scientist named Roman Tkachenko took the liberty of enhancing the photo's colors to bring out even more of the defining lines and edges.

The Juno craft, packed with all kinds of fancy monitoring equipment, made its fifth flyby of the planet on Monday, which is also the fourth "science orbit," which is the name they give the flybys when all the instruments on board are up and running. The craft's next flyby won't happen until late May 2017, so it's a rare and exciting event when one of these close passes goes by without a hitch. The craft's data is currently being sent to Earth where researchers will continue to mine it for precious information about our solar system's most intimidating planet.

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There’s a compelling new reason to buy your iPhone from T-Mobile -

There’s a compelling new reason to buy your iPhone from T-Mobile

Choosing where to buy a new iPhone isn't as simple as it might seem. Third-party stores or carriers might give you a better monetary deal than buying an iPhone from the Apple Store, but you're also going to have to deal with yearly contracts, bill credits, or the hassle of unlocking the device if you switch networks.

But all the details aside, T-Mobile is hoping that its latest offering can make the decision much simpler. As of right now, if you buy an iPhone on T-Mobile and opt for extra device insurance, you'll also get AppleCare included in the price.

The AppleCare isn't free with all new iPhones from T-Mobile, but rather it's an additional service you get with T-Mobile's Premium Device Protection. That's just an insurance program that T-Mobile offers on devices. It runs $12 per month, and offers theft and loss protection on your phone. It's a good option if you're prone to losing your device altogether, but the deductibles are high, and it doesn't offer much help with common problems like a cracked screen or water damage (thanks to those high deductibles).

So T-Mobile's new offering bundles the normal insurance, offered by Assurant, with the Apple-provided AppleCare that you know and love. Assurant keeps covering theft and loss, while AppleCare gets you different benefits like live support, cheap screens, and battery repairs.

For anyone who was already on T-Mobile's insurance, or thinking about buying a phone protected by it, this is obviously good news. You're getting more coverage for the same amount of money, and knowing it's Apple-provided coverage means you're not going to have to spend weeks arguing with a weird third-party insurance company.


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Elon Musk, very normal non-supervillain, starts company to implant electrodes in your brain

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and a man who wants to nuke Mars, has founded a new company. According to WSJ sources, Neuralink is a new venture that aims to pursue "neural lace" technology to help brains interface with computers.

Musk did not confirm details or comment to the WSJ, but the report claims that Musk was actively involved in setting up the firm, and may have a significant leadership responsibility. Investors will presumably hope that solving another of science fiction's biggest worries won't stop him from revolutionizing the automaking, space exploration and energy generation industries at the same time.

Neuralink's aim, according to the WSJ's sources, is to implant tiny electrodes in the brain that may allow for two-way interfacing with computers, allowing users to "one day upload and download thoughts." Although Musk didn't confirm his involvement, one of the firm's founding team members confirmed his involvement. Neuralink registered as a medical research company in California last year.

Musk's interest in a computer-brain interface hasn't come from nowhere. The billionaire is famously worried about the development of AI, and how it may pose a threat to humanity -- not just in a Terminator sense, but that computers may one day leave humans behind, and make us obsolete. The computer-brain interface is Musk's solution, allowing humans to be enhanced by AI, rather than replaced.

If Musk is confirmed to be involved in Neuralink, it would be the latest in a series of side projects. Since making his fortune as one of the "PayPal Mafia" during the first dot-com boom, Musk has found success with Tesla, his auto manufacturer, and SpaceX, a rocket company that has its ambitions set on a Mars colony.

In the meantime, Musk has proposed a radical new form of transportation called Hyperloop (although he gave the plans away for free, since he's too busy), worked on making solar roofs affordable for every house in America, and tried to solve LA's traffic problems by tunneling.

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