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Description:Are you planning for Corporate Event in Seattle? Have you thought how you are going to entertain your guests? Hire An ESP Experience, Get the best services of an mind reader and will keep your guests on the edge of their seats.
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The Latest: Expert says Russians targeted GOP candidates -

The Latest: Expert says Russians targeted GOP candidatesWASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the Senate intelligence committee's hearing on Russian interference in last year's presidential election (all times local):

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 14:03:30 -0400

Warning: Don’t believe phone scammers who say your iCloud account was hacked -

Warning: Don’t believe phone scammers who say your iCloud account was hacked

There’s a group of hackers out there that claims it can reset hundreds of millions of iPhones by using stolen iCloud credentials. The attack should occur on April 7th unless Apple pays a ransom, but the iPhone maker denied having its servers breached. If the threat is real, it uses data taken from previous breaches. Information gained from previous hacks might be used to reset iPhones, a report showed, but it’s not clear what the scope of the attack would be. So far, the hackers seem to be interested in getting as much publicity as possible.

But other scammers have developed a different iCloud con, one that's getting more traction thanks to all the news detailing the potential attack on April 7th. The scammers call unsuspecting iPhone users to tell them their iCloud accounts have been hacked. Whatever you may think, don't believe them — your iCloud account is probably safe.

The scammers pretend to call you from Apple’s support department, Business Insider explains, and many people posted on Twitter to detail their experiences with this new iCloud con.

The callers, who seem to be targeting users at random, will tell you that your iCloud account was hacked, and they will ask for your credentials to verify your identity. The log-in information can then be used by an attacker to sign into the victim’s iCloud account, make purchases, access protected messages and backups, and more.

Furthermore, Macworld points out that scammers may insist on installing antivirus software on your computer, which is likely malware ready to steal more data from unsuspecting victims.

If you believe that your iCloud account was hacked, change the password yourself on a machine you know to be secure, and consider enabling two-factor authentication. You can even contact Apple yourself, but don’t fall for this scam.

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 11:43:14 -0400

'Angel of Death' serial killer dies after attack in prison -

'Angel of Death' serial killer dies after attack in prisonTOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A serial killer known as the "Angel of Death" after he admitted killing three dozen hospital patients in Ohio and Kentucky died Thursday, two days after investigators said he was attacked in prison, Ohio's prisons department said.

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China says 'no such thing' as man-made islands in South China Sea -

China says 'no such thing' as man-made islands in South China SeaThere was "no such thing" as man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea, China's Defence Ministry said on Thursday, and reiterated that any building work was mainly for civilian purposes. China, which claims most of the resource-rich region, has carried out land reclamation and construction on several islands in the Spratly archipelago, parts of which are also claimed by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. "Most of the building is for civilian purposes, including necessary defensive facilities." The South China Sea is generally stable at present, but some countries outside the region are anxious about this and want to hype things up and create tensions, Wu said, using terminology that normally refers to the United States.

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 07:16:15 -0400

At least 14 dead in IS truck bomb at Baghdad checkpoint -

At least 14 dead in IS truck bomb at Baghdad checkpointAt least 14 people were killed when a suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle at an entrance to Baghdad, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group, officials said Thursday. The blast, which hit the checkpoint at the main southern entrance to the city on Wednesday night, also wounded at least 36 people, the officials said. The jihadist group overran large areas north and west of Baghdad in 2014, but Iraqi forces backed by US-led air strikes have since regained much of the territory they lost.

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