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Description:The McEwen Law Firm has built a reputation for success with clients injured by dangerous drugs throughout Minnesota and the United States. We attribute our extraordinary growth to client satisfaction and quality relationships. The entire team shares a mutual vision of delivering the best possible service to clients and making a real difference in people’s lives. Our drug recall attorneys are committed to helping those injured by dangerous, defective and recalled drugs. Whomever the client, whatever the case, the team provides the attentive, professional care and uncompromising dedication necessary to protect each client’s legal rights. McEwen Law Firm has helped our clients receive millions of dollars in compensation for injuries they have suffered due to dangerous drugs. The firm’s legal associates offer practical advice based on years of experience and a thorough understanding of the law. Each client’s case is a unique situation to them – and to us. We are respectful of the individual needs and goals of each client and we work with their best interests at heart. The McEwen Law Firm formula for success is simple: listen to the client, analyze the case, apply our legal knowledge and develop the best legal strategy to meet the client’s objectives and satisfy the justice system. We know that a good settlement can make a difference in people’s lives. That is why we fight hard to protect our client’s legal rights; to ensure that they receive the compensation that will help them return to some degree of the quality of life that they enjoyed prior to their injury. Today, our firm is one of the nation’s most successful plaintiff law firms. Our resume includes multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements against manufacturers and corporations who bring unsafe products to consumers. You can count on The McEwen Law Firm for top-notch legal skills and our commitment to making the justice system work for our clients.
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Owner Name:Gregory Mcewen

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